What is the best way to take my photo before I upload it?

When taking your photo(s):


  • Mouth closed (our software can add smiles)
  • Neutral expression
  • Eyes looking straight ahead
  • Camera flash lighting indoors
  • No hair on lower forehead


  • Age 12 or older
  • Head not tilted downward (bit upward is OK)


  • Glasses
  • Long facial hair (stubble is OK)

Provide a side profile if possible, see below:


1. What is Augmented Reality and how can I use it?

Augmented Reality adds a new dimension to the way your customers and clients engage with your printing services.  It adds a new dimension to the world around you and your clients. The marketing potential keeps growing daily.

Youtube sample 1


Youtube sample 2

Youtube sample 3

Youtube sample 4

Youtube sample 5

2. What is involved in getting my AR?

Gather all your assets: Trigger files, Overlay, Videos, Website links, etc…
Go to our shop and buy your AR packet. Then you will get a confirmation to upload your asset files.

Your  AR “packet” can contain these files:

  • Required: - Trigger images (jpeg)
  • Choose one or several:
  • Artwork for customizing the app (png or jpeg)
  • Website links
  • Videos (either mp4, mpg or mov files or links to streaming http)
  • 3D models (3ds, obj, fbx)

All these items “packet” will create your AR app.  You will get an email telling you that your AR App is created and ready to use.  You will download and install your app on your smart device, point it to the “trigger” you uploaded. Then your AR experience will commence. The overalay(s) you  uploaded, will then appear!

3. How many trigger images or how much content can an use?

When you create an account you will be able to log in to your dashboard and add files for triggers and overlays, just pay the additional fees for your uploads.

4. How can I update content in my app?

You can add or update your content (e.g. trigger images, videos, models, buttons, links, etc) at any time.  Just go to our shop and log in to your account and buy additional products.

5. Will the app work on all devices?

Apps will work on the latest smartphones and tablets.  Older devices and operating systems may not support the app.

6. What is the difference between animations and 3d models?

 Usually animations are created using Flash and Alpha Channels while 3D models are created with 3D programs, like Maya. You can use both.

7. Do you have a stock library of trigger files to choose from?

A. Contact us for information on how to acquire the files.