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Breathe new life into printing with 3DARA+. 3D and Augmented Reality solutions for Printers

 **$2000 value on branded website, ^ online community gives you access to professional resources and networks (photographers, videographers, 3D designers…)


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  • Actual faces of bride and groom as wedding cake toppers
  • Holiday ornaments featuring your child’s likeness
  • Action figures with actual customer face
  • Bobbleheads
  • 3D logo display pieces
  • Invitation shadow box containing printed piece, printing plate, etc.
  • Gallery-wrapped canvas prints
  • Custom logoed ice cube trays
  • Custom logoed chocolate molds
  • 3D printed masks
  • 3D printed iPhone cases with logo
  • Dye sub iPhone cases with logo
  • 3D prints of Augmented Reality elements
  • 3D printed building and stadium models
  • Scan your imagination for other products…

About Augmented Reality

Use your Smart Device’s camera to trigger a video, sound or other important information. For example: your device can use the wedding cake topper as a trigger to activate a video. Hold your smart phone to an Ornament to activate a Holiday song. Point your Ipad camera to the Gallery wrap print to share other related photos. Just about any 2D or 3D item can be used as a trigger to activate the Augmented Reality experience.


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