Augmented Reality – How it works

Augmented Reality Services
Tell a story you will never forget with Augmented Reality (AR)! AR-sample-002.jpg

Simply point your smart device at a pre-determined graphic element and an image is transformed into a – video, website, email or phone number that is normally hidden.

Example 1: Launch a video of your CEO announcing a great new product from a trade show wall or panel.

Example 2: At your next event, make your display come to life with great ideas springing up from your logo or other graphic elements!

Example 3: Your lobby is the first impression your clients and vendors have of your company.  Pointing their smart device at a pre-determined graphic image or “scene” will activate an “AR” sequence.  An image of certificate launches a video of the company president receiving the award.  Or a picture of your pressroom comes to life with 1,000 foot per minute impression action.

Example 4: Add a new dimension to your ART with AUGMENTED REALITY.  A static portrait of a woman comes to life, revealing the secret behind her smile.  A wall mural of a forest scene bustles with the sights and sounds of nature itself.  Or, for a more direct approach, activating a painting might trigger a video of the artist describing his or her work.

Creates memorable spaces and dynamic graphics.  Now with AR you can count on us to help transform static images into powerful communication devices.